Dwayne Shivers is a progressive classic folk duo, fronted by songwriter and ATL Collective co-founder Micah Dalton and producer / songwriter Anthony Aparo. After over 10 years of touring, six releases, and critical acclaim as a genre bending soul folkster, Dalton noticed that certain songs and sounds hidden in his recordings resonated both live and on tape with fans in a more meaningful way. More intentional lyricism along with warm, uncompromising sonic tones, drew a more polarizing response from listeners that held the interest of both fans and Dalton as a creator. Dalton says. “I wasn’t having a good time with the solo songwriter thing as much anymore. I got so lost in the shadows of what I didn’t want to do, that it felt like I need to re-name the act in order to be myself. Micah Dalton, as an artist, meant something that I didn’t want to perpetuate anymore – the whole thing is like a Trojan horse to get back into myself.” In a loaded 2013, Dalton got married, moved to Brooklyn, and worked several jobs to supplement while facing an obvious professional crossroads. He eventually worked over a batch of songs and put them to tape in Athens, GA in late 2013 and released the first Dwayne Shivers EP in late 2014. Their debut EP was marked as "a batch of new-generation spirituals andfleecy, exquisite blues" by Jewly Hight with CMT Edge. In 2017, Dwayne Shivers’ single “Waking Light” (with Kyshona Armstrong) has been featured on CBS’ “Criminal Minds,” ABC’s “Conviction,” and CBS’ “Salvation.” In early 2016, Aparo joined the band as they joined forces to finish the debut Dwayne Shivers LP along with Brooklyn-based producer Jeremy McDonald (Kevin Garrett, Welcome Wagon) and mixed by Jason Kingsland (Belle & Sebastian, Deerhunter, Iron & Wine).” The album is slated for a 2018 release.